Friday, 19 May 2017

More About The Person...Me!

Good Morning or Good afternoon depending on your time zone. I have found these posts to be thought provoking all week. Today it's all fun! Who doesn't love to talk about themselves?

I work full time not because I have to, thankfully, but because I love the work I do. 

In my spare time, I walk, and make cards. Yup. I'm a cardmaker. Greeting cards. I never knew I had talent but I do. I don't sell my cards. I just do it for fun and relaxation. Quite frankly, the market is saturated with people trying to sell their cards. I don't need another job. Lol. 

I am also an amateur photographer. I love taking photos especially of birds. The swallows were freaking out btw.

And sometimes I can intersect the two. 

That just gives you a little peak at who I am. 

Have a great weekend!!!


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